Martley Bridge Club looking for new members!

Martley Bridge Club would like to encourage new members to join them!

Further details can be found on their website

Neighbourhood Watch scam alerts!

 Neighbourhood Watch want to update you with various telephone and email scams.  Some have been circulating for a while and some are new ones.  They all look and sound genuine so please stay vigilant and do not provide any personal and financial information to anyone unless you are sure who they are and that they have a legitimate reason to have your details.
1. Hermes email scam
Email stating that you have a missed delivery and in order for Hermes to deliver again, you are asked to provide bank details to pay for the £1.45 fees.
2. Royal Mail email scam
Email stating that Royal Mail has tried to deliver 3 times and ask you to pay £2.50 to arrange another delivery.
3. dpd Couriers email scam
Email stating that you have missed 2 attempted deliveries and you must pay £2.75 to arrange another delivery.
None of the delivery services would ask you to pay for arranging a delivery under normal circumstances.  In the case where excess postage is required, the official Post Office Staff in his/her uniforms with Identifications would advise you what to do. If in doubt, please check with the company yourself before handing over any cash or personal and financial information.
4. National Insurance Telephone Scam
An automated voice states that your National Insurance number has been compromised to carry out criminal activities.  You are asked to provide personal details to avoid arrests and prosecution.
5. HMRC Telephone Scam
An automated voice states that you have underpaid generally quite a large amount of tax like £2,000 and that you will be prosecuted if you do not pay the outstanding amount immediately.
6. Amazon Telephone Scam
An automated voice states that your Amazon account has been debited £349.95 incorrectly and if you provide the bank details, they will refund it to your account.
7. BT Telephone Scam
An automated voice says that if you do not provide the personal details, your line will be cut off.
All government agencies do not use automated voice services to inform you of a problem. They generally would write to you.  If a person actually calls you in an unlikely event, you should always check carefully before divulging any personal information.  These scams calls are usually from a mobile number.
Scammers are getting more sophisticated and professional looking and sounding.  Please be very careful when providing any information to anyone you are not sure of!

Crown at Martley – update

The Parish Council recently asked for an update – thanks to ARCC Communications for this info.

There has been very little progress recently as they are still waiting for MHDC to validate the planning application. In terms of the excavations their intention is to get the trenches backfilled at some point, but they are waiting for a machine to become available to undertake the work. Due to health & safety reasons, re-opening the car park won’t be possible until they are able to fully re-instate the car park surface as it has become too uneven and presents a trip hazard.

More info will follow when it becomes available.

B4197 Witley Road, Martley (Temporary Closure) Order 2021

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
(B4197 Witley Road, Martley) (Temporary Closure) Order 2021
Order made: to close that part of B4197 Witley Road from its junction with B4204 Ham Bridge
to B4197 Martley to its junction with U64607 Pudford Lane
Reason: Surface Dressing
Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where
there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.
Alternative route: Diversion 1: B4197 Hillside, B4197 Woodbury Hill,
B4197 Martley Road, A443 Great Witley, B4203 Stanford Road, B4203 Stanford Bridge,
B4203 Sapey Common (Herefordshire County), B4204 The Village to Herefordshire, B4204
The Village, B4204 Church Road, B4204 The Village to Ham Bridge, B4204 Ham Bridge to
B4197 Martley: Diversion 2: B4197 Hillside, B4197 Woodbury Hill, B4197 Martley Road, A443
Worcester Road, A443 Little Witley, A443 Witley Road, A443 Holt Heath, A443 Worcester
Road, A443 Main Road, A443 Hallow Road, B4204 Martley Road, B4204 Sailors Bank, B4204
Sailors Bank to Kenswick, B4204 Kenswick, B4204 Wichenford, B4204 Castle Hill, B4204
Maximum duration: 18 Months. Anticipated duration: 17 days Commencing: 27 April 2021
Thomas Pollock Head of Commercial Law (Legal & Governance) County Hall Spetchley Road
22 April 2021

Diversion Route