The Parish of Martley in  has a network of footpaths made up of 296 separate links, total length around 42 miles (60km footways, 7km bridleways).

A group, the Path-or-Nones, meets at 9am, second Tuesday of each month, in the car park of the Crown Inn, Martley by kind permission of ARCC, before leaving to tackle footpath issues. These, in the winter months, roughly October to March/April involve ‘furniture’ work–bridges, gates, stiles, waymarks, fallen trees, steps and so on. Rest of the year is a mad rush to try to beat the growth of vegetation.

Owing to the group’s efforts, Martley is well known as having one of the most complete and well signposted networks anywhere in the County, and attracts a continuous stream of walkers.

The Path-or-Nones welcome more help! Do please contact us