Public Consultation on Recreation Field proposals July 2022

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Village Consultation

“New Cricket Pavilion & Changing Room Refurbishment”

Following positive Pre-Planning advice from MHDC regarding the development of a new Cricket Pavilion at the Jewry Field, MPC now aim to seek feedback from Parishioners on the proposed scheme along with refurbishment of the existing ‘Mike Ganderton’ Sports Changing Rooms building prior to seeking full planning permission

The Consultation is to be carried out through two exercises in order to reach, engage with and gather feedback from the maximum number of Parishioners:

1. An exhibition at the July 30th Memorial Hall Coffee Morning.

Representatives from Martley Parish Council to show outline details of the Development scheme and to answer any questions over a two hour drop-in session at the Coffee Morning.  A comments Book will be available to capture feedback.

2. A digital survey of Parishioners

Parishioners who wish to comment electronically on the proposed scheme are invited to email the Parish Council Clerk at for a four week period until 15th August 2022 using the Subject Heading “Jewry Field Improvements”.

The Coffee Morning Exhibition will include the following:

  • Objectives for Development/refurbishment
  • Architect’s Site Plan (following MPC Options appraisal)
  • Architect’s Pavilion Drawings
  • Example images of envisaged design and finish

All feedback will be considered by the Parish Council Working Group prior to any final plans being submitted to MHDC for full planning permission. Please click on the document links below for further information.

20-600 – 01 Final SS

20-600 – 02 Final SS

20-600 – 04 Final SS

20-600 – 05 Final SS

20-600 Initial Options – draft – Sk-002.pdf